“We see the ability of boards to be conduits for positive change, if they have the right people sitting at the right table”
– Paul Smith, co-founder & CEO –

We are passionate about the future of governance and the potential of the next generation of boards and directors.

That means YOU!

We seek to empower, connect and support those seeking to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the boardroom.

And, since launching in 2015, we’ve helped hundreds of diverse and talented people (mostly aged 25-45) into the boardrooms of nonprofits, social enterprises, start-ups, corporates and more.

Our board accelerator programs (or 1:1 coaching) will give you the confidence, strategy and support to secure your ideal board role.


Are you a relatively new board director and want to develop or enhance your influence and impact? Check out our unique offerings for the Emerging Director.


Want to get the best out of your Board of Directors? We work with you to create best practice governance structures, recruitment, board evaluation and more.


Our Founder, Paul Smith, travels the world delivering keynote presentations, bespoke programs and in-house workshops on a range of topics.




Questions asked by Aspiring Directors

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    Am I too inexperienced to be a board director?

    It’s better to know now what you need to know than wait until you think you’re ready. Let our experts show you the tools, knowledge and frameworks to give you the confidence to move forward, chances are you already have more than you think! The world needs you to step up now and be that leader… right where you are. We have proof that you are at the perfect point in your life to start. Our youngest graduate was 21 and she’s now on two boards at the age of 22 but we also help people of all skills, ages and experiences!

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    Do I have the time to be a board director?

    You can create time when something is important. All boards are different but allow 10-30 hours per month.

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    What boards are looking for?

    They are looking for you! You have unique strengths, skills and value that sets you apart from others. Not all boards need the same things so with our help, we will get you ‘pitch ready’ for the boardroom of your choice.

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    Where do I even begin getting a role on a board?

    That’s where we come in! It’s called the CONNECT Method and we will help you every step of the way.

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    What’s the right board for me?

    As we get to know you and your talents more, we can help point you in the right direction. We are confident you will find a board where you can thrive.

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    People say it’s still about who you know… I don’t know anyone!

    What and who you know will always important. But, we also know it’s WHO KNOWS YOU that is the key to kickstarting a board career. We help you get ready and plug into networks that will get you in front of the right people so you can make those crucial connections.