What is a Future Director?

By Paul Smith, Co-founder & CEO //

We are often asked this simple question, “what is a Future Director?” and the answer might not be what you expect.

Future Directors Institute is a community (of practice). Aspiring and emerging directors that join our Alumni via our programs, workshops or tailored coaching solutions are all on a path to becoming Future Directors. 

Let me explain.

For the journey into – and then within – the boardroom, there are 3 groups that we seek to help:

The ASPIRING Director 

You are starting out on your boardroom journey, and you are developing your skills, networks, and credibility. Perhaps you have been inspired by an Emerging or Future Director, someone who started at a young age and shares your values. Your motivations are a combination of developing new skills and networks, giving back, and making a difference. Money can play a part, but it’s not your primary motivator. 

For this group you can begin with our free Director Diagnostic tool, and ultimately move to our award-winning board program and other tailored solutions for individuals, companies and communities.

The EMERGING Director 

You are relatively new to the boardroom and have made it there within the past few years. You are probably experiencing some challenges, but you can already see the opportunities to influence and deepen the impact you are making, especially because you bring something unique to the group.

For this group we have just introduced a new experience called Director’s Circle (contact us to learn more) and we continue to evolve our support to individuals and boardrooms.

The FUTURE Director

You are the influencer in the boardroom. You are driven by a deeper purpose and can motivate others to better express their ideas and be more effective. Others look to you for your opinion and guidance. On a personal level, you have discovered your natural talents and turned them into your core strengths. You earn more money, have more fun, and attract more opportunity. You are highly credible and visible in the world of governance because your diverse perspectives, new ideas, and collaborative mindset bring value. You are ethical, responsible, and proactive. You are highly motivated to keep growing your skills and your ability to shape the future from the boardroom, and indeed, to shape the boardroom for the future.

Wherever you are at on your journey, Future Directors is the place for anyone seeking to create meaningful change now and into the future.

It will take time but our mission is to support this community and help you shape that future, inside and outside of the boardroom.