What is a Future Director?

By Paul Smith, Co-founder & CEO //

We are often asked this simple question, “what is a Future Director?” and it might not be what you expect.

Future Directors Institute (FDI) is not a membership organisation, but it is a community (of practice). Aspiring and emerging directors that join our Alumni via our pubic programs or tailored coaching solutions, as well as our Faculty of program speakers and podcast guests, are all on a path to becoming Future Directors. Most are not there, some are, but we are all making our way.

Let me explain.

In the journey into and within the boardroom, there are 3 groups that FDI seek to help:

The Aspiring Director: They are just starting out on their journey and developing their skills, networks and credibility. They have perhaps been inspired by an Emerging or Future Director, someone just like them who has already become board director, perhaps at a young age. Their motivations are a combination of developing new skills and networks, giving back and making a difference. Money can play a part, but it’s not the primary motivator.

For this group we have the Director Diagnostic tool, our Resource Library, the online kickstarter course, Make Me a Board Director program, FDI Alumni Experience and other tailored solutions for individuals, companies and communities.

The Emerging Director: These are the ones that have, in the last few years, made it into the boardroom and found their ideal board roles (‘ideal’ meaning the right combination of values and skills alignment, time commitment, reward and recognition). They may be relatively fresh to the boardroom but they can already see the opportunities to influence and deepen the impact they are making, especially because they bring something unique.

For this group we continue to evolve our support from a 1:1 or board level to the wider community and this includes new programs designed to fast track the journey to…

The Future Director:
They are the influencers in the boardroom. They know how to get the best out of themselves and those around them. They are seen as highly credible, visible, ethical and valuable to the world of governance bringing diversity, new ideas and a collaborative mindset. They are highly motivated to keep growing their skills and the ability to make a difference and Shape the Future.

Wherever you are at on your journey, FDI is the place for anyone seeking to create meaningful change now and into the future. It will take time but our mission is to support this community and help you shape that future, inside and outside of the boardroom.