“Finally, a book that answers not only the ‘how-to’ of getting a board seat but asks the reader to truly understand why they would bother taking on the responsibility that follows and what kind of legacy they want to leave. The world is craving leadership at every level.
If you want to be tomorrow’s leader, please read Right Seat, Right Table.” Cassandra Kelly, Board Director, Adviser & Speaker (+ Top 10 Chair in Australia & US Director to Watch)
BOARDROOMS are experiencing major transformation and disruption as we transition into a world that demands greater transparency, digitalization and social accountability. The old ways of doing business are becoming less relevant.
DIRECTORS now need different skills, a greater sense of purpose and capabilities that far exceed being well connected and experienced. There is an increasing demand for a new type of board member to help govern companies and organizations in the 21st century.
But, where will the next generation of directors come from? And, how do you become a non-executive board director, especially if you consider yourself an ‘outsider’?
RIGHT SEAT, RIGHT TABLE offers a practical yet inspiring ‘how-to’ guide for getting a seat in the contemporary boardroom.
  • Follow a proven and universal methodology for finding and securing your ideal (first) board role.
  • Be inspired by the impactful boardroom journeys of people just like you.
  • Understand how to overcome the challenges faced by new directors trying to make a difference.
  • Ultimately, learn what it takes to become an effective, successful, and influential non-executive board director.

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“Paul’s advice about making it into the boardroom—and most importantly, having influence and impact when you get there—is practical and priceless. The C.O.N.N.E.C.T. methodology that provides the framework for his book has worked for me, and I have seen it work for others. Follow it and not only will it help you find the ideal board role; you will also have a deeper understanding of what you have to offer and how you can make a difference.” Peter O’Sullivan, National Head of People & Culture, BDO Australia, Non-Executive Director, Queensland Doctors' Health Programme