Terms & Conditions of Sale or Participation in Event

1. Definitions

a. The following terms have the following meaning and definitions:

i. Additional Charges include all delivery, handling and storage charges; goods and services tax; stamp duty; interest; legal and other costs of recovery of unpaid money, and all other government imposts; and all money, other than the purchase price, payable by the customer to Future Directors Institute arising out of the sale of the goods or the provision of the services.

ii. Alternative Event means the event for the Customer’s booking following the transfer of the booking to another event, by Future Directors Institute, nominated by the Customer;

iii. Business Day means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in Melbourne, Victoria;

iv. Cancellation Date means the date upon which a cancellation of the booking has occurred, subject to the timeframe it has been cancelled prior to the event.

v. Customer means the customer who purchases tickets for a Future Directors Institute Event.

vi. Event means the event held by Future Directors Institute the Customer has elected to attend, including an Alternative Event.

vii. Future Directors Institute means XY on Boards Pty Ltd ACN 605 564 501 t/a Future Directors Institute.

viii. GST means Goods and Services Tax.

ix. Services means those services sold by Future Directors Institute to the Customer, including, but not limited to, tickets to events.

x. Terms and Conditions means this Terms and Conditions of Sale and Participation in Event.

xi. Ticket Price means the price of tickets for the Event.

xii. Value means the monetary price advertised for the event at the Cancellation date in Australian Dollars.

xiii. Website means www.futuredirectors.com or any website used, from time to time, by Future Directors Institute.

2. These Terms and Conditions are current for trading with Future Directors Institute at the time of issue; however, the Terms and Conditions may vary from time to time.

3. Provision of the Service

a. A booking is accepted by Future Directors Institute once written notification is provided to the Customer by email and/or SMS confirmation, following payment being made by the Customer to Future Directors Institute.

b. An acceptance of a booking by Future Directors Institute is deemed to be an acceptance by Future Directors Institute and the Customer of these Terms and Conditions.

4. Cancellation/Cooling Off

a. Any booking cancellation:

i. must be provided by notice in writing to Future Directors Institute; and

ii. within five (5) days of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (Cooling off Period).

b. In the event of a cancellation, pursuant to sub-clause (a) herein, Future Directors Institute may elect to:

i. Subject to availability, transfer the booking to another date, for a similar event, nominated by the Customer (Alternative Event); or

ii. Provide the Customer with a full refund.

c. If the cancellation is received after the Cooling Off Period and prior to the Event date:

i. A refund will not be issued; and

ii. If requested to do so, in writing, Future Directors Institute may, at its sole discretion, and subject to availability, transfer the booking to an Alternative Event.

d. If an event is cancelled or postponed by Future Directors Institute, the Customer may elect to:

i. Subject to availability, transfer the booking to an Alternative Event; or

ii. Receive a full refund.

e. In the event a booking is transferred to an Alternative Event, under this clause, and the Value of the Alternative Event is lower than the Value of the original event, the Customer will not receive a full or partial refund of the difference in Value.

f. In the event a booking is transferred to an Alternative Event, under this clause, and the Value of the Alternative Event is higher than the Value of the original event, the Customer agrees to pay the difference in Value to Future Directors Institute at the time of the agreement to transfer the booking.

5. Use of photography/video and audio during a Future Directors Institute event

a. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

i. During the course of the Event, the Customer may be photographed or video- recorded during the Event. The Customer hereby consents to the use of these photographs and/or videos without compensation, on the Future Directors Institute website, Facebook page or in any editorial, promotional or advertising material produced and/or published by Future Directors Institute both online and/or in print; and

ii. Audio and video cameras are not allowed to be utilised by the Customer during the course of the Event, however, the Customer is allowed to take still photographs using a camera or mobile phone device. Any recordings taken by the Customer in contravention of this clause can be confiscated and deleted by Future Directors Institute and may result in the Customer being removed from further participation in the Event and any future events.

6. Tickets and Invoices

a. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

i. Ticket prices are subject to change and Future Directors Institute will inform me accordingly if there is a change in ticket price; and ​

ii. The Customer must pay the ticket price for the Event and any applicable GST, on or before the due date for payment, stated in the relevant invoice, issued by Future Directors Institute, for the Event.

7. Limitation of Liability

a. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

i. Certain laws imply terms, conditions and warranties (prescribed terms) into contracts for the supply of services and prohibit the exclusion, restriction or modification of such terms, conditions and warranties. The liability of Future Directors Institute in respect of a breach of a prescribed term or any warranty made under these terms and conditions of sale is limited, to the extent permissible by law, and at the option of Future Directors Institute to the supply of the services again; or the re-payment of the cost of having the services supplied again; and

ii. Unless the terms and warranties are included in these Terms and Conditions, all prior discussions, quotations, warranties and Prescribed Terms, to the extent permitted by law, are excluded and Future Directors Institute will not be liable for any loss or damage or for consequential loss or damage of any kind arising out of the supply or failure to supply of the services or arising out of Future Directors Institute’s negligence or in any way whatsoever.

8. Disclaimer

a. The Customer acknowledge and accept that:

i. The Event is for the Customer’s enjoyment. The content of the Event including any publication is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on business. It is not intended to be comprehensive, nor does it constitute legal or accounting advice; and

ii. The Customer should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content provided by Future Directors Institute. Future Directors Institute is not responsible to the Customer or anyone else for any loss suffered in connection with the use of any information obtained as a result of the Event and any content or publications provided. Future Directors Institute makes no warranties or representations about any of the content provided throughout the Event. Future Directors Institute excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability which may arise as a result of the use of any content or information provided during the Event.

9. Severability and Jurisdiction

a. The Customer expressly agrees that the foregoing provisions in these Terms and Conditions are intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the state in which the event is being held and if any portion of this Agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

b. The Customer further acknowledges and agree that these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Australia.

10. Payment Authority

a. The Customer hereby authorise any and all payments due to Future Directors Institute by the Customer.

b. Billing questions can be directed by email to hello@futuredirectorsinstitute.com.au

11. Acknowledgment of Understanding

a. The Customer acknowledges that the Customer is agreeing to this Terms and Conditions freely and voluntarily and intends, by their agreement that this document be a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

b. The Customer further certifies that the Customer has fully read and understands the terms of this Terms and Conditions and will comply with the contents herein.