S02Ep07 – Understanding STEM in the Boardroom

Paul Smith

Some of the brightest minds in the boardroom feel out of their depth when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, but few readily admit to it. That’s why unique individuals like our latest podcast guest, Crystal Dilworth, are essential.

Dr Crystal Dilworth is a science communicator, presenter and business consultant, recognised worldwide for her work in translating very complex technical jargon that comes with STEM industries into simplified language that just about anyone can understand. Her wildly successful TEDxYouth talk, “The Myth of the Scientist”, TV and movie roles have seen her excel in an industry that has long seemed mysterious and enigmatic. She’s interviewed some of our most famous STEM celebrities, including Elon Musk.

Now, she gets to be on the other side of the mic.

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Through Crystal’s work, she is able to facilitate dialogue, build consensus and create understanding around the science side of business, removing that mystery. Breaking down barriers is her forte, and she has a knack for making science enjoyable all. This ability comes at a time when science and technology are infiltrating all aspects of our lives, and having even a very general understanding of them is imperative to progress.

Do you want to know how you can better understand and appreciate science and technology? Listen to this episode.

Co-hosts Paul Smith and Anna Byrne also quiz Crystal on things like:

  • The communication problems most often seen in boardrooms
  • How and why these problems occur, and what we can do to diminish them
  • How information can so often be misconstrued
  • The lack of any deliberate structure around how professionals in business communicate with one another, and why this creates new difficulties
  • What are the more imaginative ways we can teach new information in boardrooms?
  • When does communication become exclusive in the boardroom?
  • How your board can enhance communication skills and take them to the next level
  • The benefits of better communication
  • How generational gaps can create communication errors
  • Crystal’s tips and recommendations for anyone struggling to become more literate with STEM concepts

Top Action Item

The boardroom is a critical resource, and an inability to understand the scientific and technological side of things can create negative impacts that trickle down throughout the organisation. So review how well your board communicates both within itself and with the rest of the organisation. Open yourselves up to the vulnerability of admitting that you may not understand something and work towards ensuring you do, whether that’s through employing a STEM communicator, or even just taking a tour around the work spaces of the people who do that particular work.

If there are topics that you’re particularly interested in or any new buzzwords floating around, we’d love to hear from you so that we can talk about these ideas on the show. Email Paul at psmith@futuredirectors.com or Anna at anna.byrne@neuropowergroup.com.


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