S02Ep01 – The Future of the Boardroom

Paul Smith

Welcome back to Season 2 of Boardroom Hustle podcast, the only podcast dedicated to serving all types of board directors at every stage of their journey, all around the world.

Whether you’re aspiring to one day join a board, or you’ve just started your board journey, or you can confidently claim that you’re an effective and innovative future director, this show is for you. Season 1 was centred chats with inspiring leaders, their passions and work inside and outside the boardroom and now Season 2 is purely focus on the future.

We are also delighted to welcome co-host Anna Byrne, a director at NeuroPower Group who shares Paul’s obsession with the future. She also happens to be a previous guest on the podcast and collaborator on a few projects.

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There is plenty of hype around governance in the future. Change is coming, both technological and societal, and directors need to always be looking ahead to what will shift the status quo. It’s all about constantly upskilling to better serve your organisation and stakeholders. We’ll be looking specifically at how these changes will impact directors inside the boardroom and what it means for their abilities and responsibilities.

If there are topics that you’re particularly interested in or any new buzzwords floating around, we’d love to hear from you so that we can talk about these ideas on the show. Email Paul at psmith@futuredirectors.com or Anna at anna.byrne@neuropowergroup.com.