S01Ep9 – Disrupting The Hell Out Of It

Paul Smith

Anne-Marie Elias is a force of nature. Her title is ‘Chief Disrupter’ and she’s spent three decades challenging the status quo and breaking down the cycle of social disadvantage. Disruption runs in her DNA. She’s worked as an adviser to government ministers, in the NGO sector, in the private sector, and in the boardroom. Anne-Marie shows us that we need to realise that what we might think is ‘the best that we can do’ is a long way off our best – we need to embrace change, disrupt what isn’t working, and build toward a better future for all.

These are some of my favourite quotes of Anne-Marie:

“We have to look out for everybody, and that’s where the real disruption happens”
“I think people that fear change think disruption is destructive”
“We are so disconnected from reality at every level of society”

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In this episode, Anne-Marie and I talk about:

  • The essence of disruption: challenging the status quo
  • The difference between ‘disruption’ and ‘destruction’
  • Telling stories to humanise real problems beyond statistics
  • Inspiring action and moving toward a greater cause
  • Being aware of those that fear change and feel threatened
  • Reimagining ‘the best we can do’ (we’re currently not doing it)
  • Productivity in the workplace and rethinking work hours to solve traffic congestion
  • Collaborating virtually and working remotely
  • Reconnecting with reality
  • Boards taking a ‘long hard look at themselves’
  • Getting more things done
  • And much more!

Find Anne-Marie:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiefdisrupter/
Chief Disrupter – https://chiefdisrupter.com/
Disruptor’s Handbook – https://disruptorshandbook.com/
Techfugees (Australian Chapter) – https://techfugees.com/chapters/australia/
Spark Festival – http://sparkfestival.co/