S01Ep12 – Disrupting the Status Quo (Best of Season 1)

Paul Smith

This episode takes us to the end of Season 1, which I’m retrospectively titling ‘Disrupting the Status Quo’. It’s been a wonderful journey to this point, talking to some amazingly diverse leaders about their motivations, insights and influence inside and outside of the boardroom. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

We’ll be kicking off Season 2 in a few weeks. I’ll be co-hosting this next season with previous Anna Byrne (episode 5), and we’ll be focusing on the Future of the Boardroom and the things that are coming on the horizon that will impact directly on how boards and their directors operate. 

This final episode of Season 1 features 5 of my (and my guests) favourite snippets from the chats we had on Boardroom Hustle:

  • [1:55] Penelope Twemlowe (episode 6). The importance of saying ‘no’, being selective in what you do so that you can dedicate more time and energy to fewer things (stop spreading yourself so thinly – say no to little things so that you can say yet to the big ones).
  • [6:00] Alan Jones (episode 3). Career inflection points and answering the question ‘what’s making you feel most vulnerable right now? (heart arrhythmia, transition point in life)
  • [11:20] Alison Rowe (episode 4). ‘Fail early, then try again’ (tips for building resilience and dealing with imposter syndrome, importance of learning from failure, injecting fun and work-life balance, confidence in decision-making without 100% information, managing risk in the boardroom)
  • [16:30] Raph Goldsworthy (episode 7). The ‘art and science’ of the boardroom, most problems in the boardroom are perennial because we still haven’t addressed them properly
  • [22:00] Parrys Raines (episode 1). Finding your passion, trying things on the side, determining what works best for you


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