S01Ep1 – Is Your Age Getting You Down? Then Listen To This

Paul Smith

Ever been told, ‘you’re too young to do that…’? Then you need to listen to this first episode of Boardroom Hustle. Paul’s guest is Parrys Raines, whose resume reads like someone decades older than 22 years.

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Parrys has led a remarkable life thus far, taking on various roles such as law student, international speaker, writer, blogger, business owner and board director, and she has never let her age hold her back.

Parrys is passionate about sustainability and pushing for a better future. She’s a prime example of success at an early age, and is a wonderful reminder that you’re never too young to start changing the world.

In this episode, we get into loads of fascinating topics, such as…

  • Parrys’ advice to those who haven’t yet been able to connect to their passions and purpose
  • What Parrys considers to be changes that should be (but aren’t) occurring in the boardroom, and how younger people are intertwined with that
  • The benefits of an intergenerational mentoring relationship
  • The millennial generation has a wider spectrum of opportunity when it comes to choosing a career path. The status quo has changed from having one career across a lifespan to having as many jobs, passion projects and side hustles as possible, for as long as you want.
  • It’s often believed that you cannot learn anything from someone younger than you, but by putting aside that assumption and opening yourself up to a younger mentor, you open your mind to much more.
  • Younger people are going to make up such a large portion of consumers, stakeholders, business owners and board directors in the near future, so it’s imperative that companies and organisations take them into account right now.
  • Waiting for something to be completely perfect before you put it out into the world is sometimes the worst thing you can do, and you’re better off just getting it out there as soon as possible. As Parrys Raines says, ‘Good is the gateway to great.’
  • Don’t doubt your experience if anyone insinuates you don’t have any due to your age. No matter how old we are, we’ve all had different life experiences and it’s through these that we can learn and teach each other.
  • A career lattice approach has taken preference over the archaic career ladder, with people now able to move sideways, forward and back across a range of different jobs and industries, rather than just straight up or down.
  • The one thing people need more of is resilience. Being resilient allows you to fight for and overcome any problems you come up against throughout life.
  • If you want to build anything meaningful, you have to put in the time and the effort. It’s not going to build itself.

Actions YOU can take:

  1. If you’ve listened to this podcast and you find yourself lacking in passion but motivated to find something, ask yourself: what do you care about? What happens in the world that makes you angry? Is it poverty, inequality, climate change or something entirely different? These are great questions to focus on as a starting point to finding your passions.
  2. If you’re at university or at a point in your life where you’re unsure of what you want to do, try everything. Dip your toe into everything and get a feel for what is out there, because you don’t need to have a standard life like everyone else, regardless of what stage you’re at.
  3. If you doubt the benefits a younger person can bring to your organisation or boardroom, put aside all your misconceptions and instead focus on the positives they could bring. Consider the fresh perspectives, the new ideas and the boundless enthusiasm that is so often synonymous with young people, and get excited about the opportunities instead!

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