S01Ep8 – Learning = Forgiveness + Humility + Curiosity

Paul Smith

Dale Simpson is one of the Principals of Bravo Consulting, which is a blend of executive coaching, systems design, leadership and boardroom development, and operates across Australia and India. If you remember, Dale was a suggestion from one of my previous Boardroom Hustle guests, Alison Rowe.

These are some of my favourite quotes of Dale’s from the podcast:

“I don’t want us to feel that we are somehow obligated to be perfect, we just need to also know what happens and what we need to do when things don’t work out the way we intended.”
“We live in a world where we value extraverts as vital to leadership, but in fact, there are many, many great leaders who aren’t”
“What you want at any table is diversity. Not just in gender, race and ability, but also diversity in thinking”
“Good coaches are the ones that teach people how to coach themselves”
“We in the west think we will be happy if we are successful. The Hindus, Buddhist and Jains have taught us the opposite: we will be successful if we are happy.”

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In this episode, Dale and I talk about:

  • Shifts in our mentalities
  • The search for more meaning in our work
  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Curiosity as a learning tool
  • The importance of forgiveness as well as humility
  • The benefits of imperfection
  • Harnessing vulnerability
  • Working in India
  • And much more!

Actions you could take:

  1. Seek out work or experience in an unfamiliar area. Try and join a project in which you are not already an expert.
  2. Always be curious and stay humble – that allows you to ask more questions, which unlock the door to learning.

Find Dale:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dalepsimpson/
Bravo Consulting – http://bravoconsulting.com.au
Bravo Blog – http://bravoconsulting.com.au/blog/