S01Ep3 – The Boardroom Battlefront: Fighting for social change and staying empowered

Paul Smith

Episode 3 of Boardroom Hustle is a powerful one. Paul’s guest today is an old friend, Claire Maloney. Founder and director of The Bravery, Chairperson of the charity One Girl, proud feminist and advocate for total diversity, Claire is relentless in standing up for the things she’s passionate about. In today’s episode, they discuss those passions, and how they’ve driven her to succeed.

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In the show, Claire and Paul have an insightfully philosophical conversation about the journey that led Claire to where she is today, the importance of knowing when to shut up and listen, what makes her tick and what she considers the most valuable thing in the world – and how you can make the most of yours.

We also get into the following:

  • Fear, courage, sustainability and social causes
  • What Claire is feeling most vulnerable about right now
  • How the boardroom can act as a conduit for social change and positive impact
  • Confidence, privilege and coping without a safety net
  • Where Claire’s business, The Bravery, is planning to go in the near future
  • The high emotions that come from being face-to-face with confronting issues, and how to handle them
  • Avoiding business burn-out and keeping a strong sense of purpose
  • How to de-stress quickly and effectively
  • Refining your passions down into a successful career path
  • Claire’s love of crisis management and how that’s been beneficial in her board career
  • Being real, honest and (in Claire’s words) owning your shit

Actions YOU can take:

  1. If you’re wondering how to bring about a discussion of social changes in your company or organisation, the first step is to refine your passions to a point where you know what kind of changes you want to bring about, and the actions you and your company can take to begin making those changes.
  2. A popular step towards beneficial social changes is the move for companies to take on better sustainability practices. If your organisation is yet to begin implementing these, this is a great first place to begin making a push towards a better future.
  3. If you feel as though the constant fight for diversity, equality and sustainability is beginning to get you down, take some time out to refresh yourself and your passion. Time is the most important asset you have, and while it’s great to put it all towards helping those in need, balance is necessary to ensure you’re taking proper care of yourself, too.

Find Claire:

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