Episode 15: A.I. in the Boardroom

Paul Smith

We’ve heard the warnings – machines are coming to take our jobs! But is that really what’s going to happen? What impact will Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) have on the boardroom, the role of non-executive directors and their collective responsibilities?

In this new episode, Anna Byrne and Paul Smith discuss the new technology that is around the corner, the impact it could have on businesses and boards, and what it could mean for you.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • [3:05] The three types of Artificial Intelligence (assisted intelligence, augmented intelligence, and autonomous intelligence)
  • [4:30] Paul’s views on the most exciting implication of AI in the Boardroom
  • [4:55] Harnessing AI to improve diversity in recruiting
  • [7:45] Reducing ‘groupthink’
  • [10:30] Using AI as an ‘observer’ to monitor decision making, as well as the quality of discussion
  • [12:02] Adherence to policies, ethical frameworks and codes of conduct
  • [15:30] Issues around privacy and confidentiality
  • [17:15] What types of activities would be best monitored by AI?
  • [19:40] Carefully designing ecosystems to ensure there are no misaligned incentives and unintended consequences
  • [20:55] AI at an individual level: AI as a ‘coach’ or ‘manager’

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If there are topics that you’re particularly interested in or any new buzzwords floating around, we’d love to hear from you so that we can talk about these ideas on the show. Email Paul at psmith@futuredirectors.com or Anna at anna.byrne@neuropowergroup.com.