Frequently Asked Questions

What do you look for in program participants?

There are no pre-defined criteria for joining a program. You can be any age, any profession, any background. We look for commitment, motivation and a desire to learn and grow.

Not sure yet, check out our 5 minute diagnostic tool…

You can be curious about boards or adamant that this is a path you wish to take or enhance. The things that bind our community are people who are invested in themselves and a better future. They want to be part of the solution and influence at board level.

How do you differ from everyone else, including the Institute of (Company) Directors and their courses?

Our programs are designed to help you find and secure your ideal board role, as well as teach you the basics of governance (enough to get you there) . They are designed to give you a clear roadmap, the tools, confidence and the right connections to find the ideal board role for you, and then build your influence and impact once you get the right seat and the right table.

In fact, our program is a perfect compliment to technical (yet expensive) governance courses and it’s often said that it’s best to do ours first as it will ensure you know what you want, when you want it and why, before you invest even more money on their courses.

Do you think my employer will pay for me to attend?

Yes. The majority of employers have a training and development budget that can be used for external courses. About half of our Alumni have been employer sponsored. The likes of Big 4 Bank, Big 4 Accounting, government, universities plus start-ups, charities and small businesses have all seen the value for their people and their business. 

Check out our program brochure and pass it onto your manager.

Or, contact us to get information that will convince your employer to pay for you!

The best employers will empower your development and getting on a board can be hugely significant for not just you, but the company you work for. We believe that the skills and knowledge you will learn will benefit your paymasters.

Will completing a program guarantee me a board role?

If you do the work and follow CONNECT, probably!

But, it depends on your expectations. The program is designed to empower you and give you a clear roadmap to start, or enhance, your board career. We believe you’ll be a whole lot closer to becoming a board director and if you are committed and put the work in you could join one of our successful Future Directors in the boardroom.  

Plus, as one of our Alumni, you’ll be first on our list of people to call upon when boards approach us looking for their next, or first, Future Director. Our Alumni are getting board roles, or choosing a different path than they first imagined.

I’m already on a board, should I do this program?

Yes, if you think you need help. We see the value if you are looking to enhance your current boardroom influence or looking to leverage your current position to secure additional board roles, but don’t know how to go about it.  If you feel like you know how to get a board role, or what it takes to maximise your contribution or even what to expect on different types of boards, then we’d say don’t do this, wait for our next program designed for existing board directors…

If you are in doubt, try our quick diagnostic tool and we’ll tell you what we think you need.

Will you have programs in others locations?

We are currently in Australia and New Zealand but we are always looking further afield. If you are located somewhere else in the world then contact us to ask.

Why did you start Future Directors Institute?

There are huge problems facing our economy, society and planet and we believe that bringing an extra dimension of diversity in the boardroom is part of a bigger solution of better and more inclusive decision-making. Different mindsets bring different ideas and ways of doing business and we want to see more good people add their voice at that level.

Our board programs have been developed to help next generation leaders on their journey and as our co-founder, Paul Smith would say, we built this because it’s what we would have wanted before we started our board careers. Check out more in our About page.

Do you have board opportunities?

We do, but they are exclusively for our Alumni. We work with partners and boards to find the right match between organisation, company and Future Director.

We are a board in need of a Future Director, can you help?

Certainly we can. We are not a recruitment company but if you are looking for Future Director Alumni talent to sit on your board please call us on +61 (0)416 851072 or email our CEO Paul Smith at