Our internationally award-winning program is designed help aspiring (and emerging) directors accelerate their boardroom journey, whether they are just starting out or ready to take things to the next level.

Why is the program for you?

What does the program give you?


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    Group training program + lifetime learning

    The program proper is two evenings (or a weekend). What follows is ongoing Alumni support to help get you your ideal board role, whether it’s 3 months or 3 years!

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    A clear roadmap to your ideal board role

    Regardless of your starting point, the CONNECT Method works, whether you want it now or into the future.

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    A powerful answer to the question, "why you?"

    We’ve helped people identify and communicate their unique value to networks and boards

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    The best preparation for the boardroom

    The best directors and also the most prepared. This program gets you ready, motivated and focussed!

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    Demystifying "Governance"

    The boardroom can be a daunting prospect but we provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.

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    Connection to board directors

    Each program features directors from different backgrounds, boards and seniorities, including Alumni! They are there to empower and support you, offer their insights and tell you their stories.

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    A brand new network

    As part of the program you join our diverse and fast-growing international Alumni, plus be connected to a faculty of expert directors and board opportunities

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    Board application feedback & coaching

    We’ve provided expert feedback and coaching on board applications and interview techniques

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    The Alumni Experience

    All graduates join our Alumni Community, providing a supportive environment for ongoing learning, networking, coaching/mentoring, exclusive content and more!

What’s the investment?

For just $1,500 + GST you get all the program benefits + lifetime membership to our exclusive Alumni community; ongoing support, connections and opportunities.
We offer scholarships to those that cannot afford it and over 40% of our cohorts are employer-sponsored.

Faculty (Past / Present / Future)

Your program features several expert board directors sharing their insights – unparalleled access to some of the best in the business.