Jeff Kerr-Bell: Gaining the Tools to be a Better Director

Paul Smith

Jeff Kerr-Bell wanted to give back to his community and industry in some way, but he wasn’t sure how. After being invited to take the position of Non-Executive Chair of an Australian Scout Group, Jeff realised that with his background and skills, he could be an effective board director. The biggest positive impact Jeff could have was to put forth his passion and drive to a board which would, in turn, allow him to help people.

Jeff had heard about Future Directors’ board accelerator program (now called ‘Make Me A Board Director’) through word of mouth and was already part of Warwick Peel’s network – one of the co-founders of Future Directors. He completed the program in 2016 and believes it was immensely beneficial in a number of different ways. Not only did it help him develop a better understanding of himself, including his strengths and how he could apply them to his board role, it also encouraged him to refine what he’d already known about the boardroom and challenged his expectations as to what was required of a director. Often, people don’t quite understand the amount of time they’ll need to devote in order to be an effective director. But Jeff found that, through the program, he was able to better understand the time he’d be required to put towards his role, which helped him prioritise other areas of his life by highlighting what he was most passionate about, and what he’d prefer to dedicate his time to.

Jeff believes that anyone who is looking for a better understanding of the type of board they’d like to be on, seeking to become more proactive in their goals, and wanting to find more purpose will benefit greatly from the Future Directors program. If you, like Jeff, are seeking the tools necessary to achieve your boardroom pursuit, as well as introductions to a great network of likeminded individuals, then this program is for you.

The program consists of four evening masterclasses across a three month period, starting with the main two back-to-back evenings. It differs from other programs because it focuses more on the individual instead of the technicalities of a boardroom. The modules focus on you, your unique value, how you can apply that to the boardroom and what you require in your Action Plan to accelerate your journey to the boardroom that best matches you and your values.

It’s a great way to decipher exactly what you want to get out of a director role, and helps you figure out how to get there. There is no pre-defined criteria for those wanting to attend the program. It applies to anyone in any industry, so whether you’re just curious about experiencing a board role for yourself or you’ve got your heart set on making big changes in the world, the program can provide you with the roadmap you require.

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