Meline Nazloomian: Want to reach your goals? Believe in yourself!

Paul Smith

Meline has an aptitude for business and a very sharp mind that has always had her keen for a leadership position. However, working within the investment banking field, Meline had started to see that teams were beginning to grow smaller, and the smaller they were getting, the fewer management opportunities would arise. Meline’s passion and energy for leadership – especially in areas she was passionate about – meant that she wasn’t able to sit and hope for an opportunity to come past. So she decided to go looking. also wanted to make a difference with her positive energy and push for influential change, and the best way to do that was through a board role.

After a good friend had completed Future Director’s Make Me A Board Director program, Meline saw an excellent opportunity to expand upon her skills and chase a board role. Not only did the program sound highly interesting, she also recognised that it could enhance her skills in a holistic way as well as a board-specific way. She was interested in the ability to further her leadership skills, identify her strengths and work on pitching herself in an environment where she’d be supported and encouraged in the right direction.

Meline felt a definite lack of confidence in applying for a board role, and she hoped that the program would give her a much-needed boost of self esteem. As with many people that come through the Make Me A Board Director program, Meline believed that due to her lack of experience and what she perceived to be necessary qualifications, she wouldn’t have a chance at joining a board.

Meline found a wealth of benefits from completing the program. But when asked to name her top three, she gave us the following:

  1. Being given the knowledge and technique needed in order to present herself in a specific and impactful way
  2. Finding the confidence within herself to begin her board journey and leap such hurdles like reaching out to potential connections and presenting her Unique Value Perspective in a way that would best suit a boardroom.
  3. Unlocking the vast network that comes with an organisation like Future Directors, through the Alumni group and the various mentorships that come with such connections.

In fact, one of the mentors that presented during the program turned out to be a key player in Meline’s boardroom success. After finally feeling confident enough to reach out, Meline contacted that mentor in the hopes that they’d have time to meet up and connect. And, as many of our graduates find, that mentor was more than happy to say yes!

When Meline felt she was ready to extend her boardroom experience and join something closer to her heart, she decided to go for a place on the board of The Butterfly Foundation – an organisation that provides support for those who experience eating disorders. As Meline puts it, the key to choosing the right board is to make sure you’re going for one that is close to your heart. It has to mean more to you than any old job, there has to be some level of emotional attachment to the organisation, or something that draws you to it. The number of years experience you have or the amount of qualifications you received aren’t what really matters. What matters is taking the lead, believing in yourself and having the confidence to really go for it.

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