Our internationally award-winning program is designed help aspiring (and emerging) directors accelerate their boardroom journey, whether they are just starting out or ready to take things to the next level.

Why is the program for you?

What does the program give you?

It takes what we call ‘the five C’s’ to give you the CONFIDENT in your abilities and become an influential non-executive board director.
Our program gives you the tools needed to accelerate your journey in these five areas.


Group Training + Lifetime Support

Clear Roadmap to your Ideal Board Role

Demystifying Governance and the Boardroom

Powerful answer to the question, “why you?”

Connections to board directors

An inspiring, diverse and supportive Network

Board application feedback & coaching

Exclusive access to our Alumni Community, the Alumni Experience and Resource Centre*

* All graduates join our Alumni, providing a supportive environment for regular networking with directors, coaching/mentoring, exclusive content and more!

What’s the investment?

For a tax deductible $1,500 + GST (or 3 payments of $600 +GST) you’ll get all the program benefits + lifetime support and connection via our exclusive Alumni community.
Over 40% of our Alumni were employer-sponsored but we do offer scholarships.

Program Dates

Melbourne 2nd & 3rd May (5-9pm)
Brisbane (TBA)
Sydney (TBA)
New Zealand (TBA)

Program Speakers (Past / Present / Future)